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QuillNow: Your Elite AI Writing Assistant Write With Clarity and Impact

Are you a writer, blogger, novelist, or copywriter striving to produce compelling content that resonates with your audience? QuillNow, an advanced AI writing assistant, is here to make your writing journey effortless and effective. We go beyond basic proofreading to offer comprehensive analysis and guidance, ensuring your content is bias-free, rich in lexicon, and emotionally engaging.

Craft Engaging Narratives

QuillNow isn’t your typical writing tool. Our platform uses advanced artificial intelligence to detect and highlight potential biases in your text, such as cognitive bias, racism, sexism, subjective bias, and political bias. Start crafting balanced, authentic content that resonates with all readers.

Enrich Your Content

QuillNow offers in-depth insights, analyzing your content’s lexical richness and emotional progression from line to line and paragraph to paragraph. You’ll see your writing in a new light and refine your style to engage your readers more effectively.

Discover Your Style

QuillNow uses stylometric analysis to provide insights into the signature elements of your writing style. You’ll gain a better understanding of your voice, discover which renowned author’s style mirrors your own and even explore new ways to express your thoughts and ideas.

Showcase Your Work

QuillNow doubles as a platform for you to create a public portfolio, a testament to your talent and passion. You can store your writings, share them publicly, and present the portfolio link to employers or prospective clients, making it a powerful tool for self-promotion and professional growth.

Track Your Progress with Ease

Set your target word count for any project and watch QuillNow calculate your progress percentage in real-time, keeping you informed about your pace and helping you meet your deadlines with greater accuracy. And never lose sleep over a lost project again: our platform ensures your work is stored securely, making it accessible for revision anytime you get the spark.

Write With Confidence

Enhance the quality of your writing with live feedback on your drafts and make immediate improvements. Whether it’s an article, book, or college essay, our system calculates readability scores to help you determine how accessible your content is for native and foreign audiences.

Manage Emotion and Style

Your writing’s impact is often shaped by its emotion and style. QuillNow assesses these aspects, offering an emotion score that includes Happiness, Anger, Surprise, Sadness, and Fear. Use this feature to adapt your writing to evoke the desired emotional response from your readers!

Overcome Writer’s Block

QuillNow provides a solution to writer’s block by allowing you to store and access a multitude of ideas. It even provides suggestions for trending content topics, opening up a range of creative opportunities and new ideas for your writing to explore. You can also generate content from writing prompts using advanced AI technology to get your words flowing again.

Transform Your Writing Journey

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or an aspiring scribe, QuillNow is the go-to platform for you. Join us today with a 14-day free trial and experience the transformative power of AI in your creative process.



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