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Revolutionizing Team Communication and Improving Your Team’s Writing

Content creation and team communication are fast-paced – and that pace can often mean that quality and style are sacrificed. Ensuring your team’s output aligns with your brand’s voice and values is the only way to ensure consistent quality and tone, but reading and editing every single piece of text is time-consuming and can introduce human errors. 

QuillNow provides a groundbreaking solution to enhance team collaboration and content quality with the QuillNow Instant Messaging Integration, starting with our innovative Slack Bot.

Introducing the QuillNow Slack Bot

The QuillNow Slack Bot is an advanced integration designed to seamlessly evaluate text for bias, empathy, emotion, readability, and more directly within Slack. This tool empowers copywriters, journalists, and any team members to instantly analyze their writing, ensuring it meets the highest standards of clarity, inclusivity, and engagement.

Key Features

Instant Text Analysis:

With a simple command, your team can receive immediate feedback on their text, covering critical aspects such as bias detection, emotional tone, empathy levels, and overall readability.

Seamless Integration:

 The app operates directly within the Slack interface, allowing for a smooth workflow that does not interrupt your team's communication or creative process.

Collaborative Improvement:

 Enables teams to work together to refine their content in real time, ensuring every piece of communication is polished and aligned with your organization's standards.


Designed for ease of use and requiring no additional software installation or complex setup, the QuillNow Slack Bot is accessible to all team members, creating and maintaining a culture of excellence and continuous improvement in writing.

How It Works


Connect the QuillNow Slack Bot to your team's Slack workspace with a few easy steps.

Command Usage

Simply use a designated command to prompt the bot to evaluate a piece of text.

Immediate Feedback

Receive an analysis directly in Slack, highlighting areas for improvement and offering suggestions to enhance your text.

Benefits for Your Team

Join the Movement Towards Better Writing

The QuillNow Instant Messaging Integration represents a significant leap forward in the way teams create, evaluate, and refine their content. We have embedded advanced AI-driven analysis into the tools teams use every day, effectively setting a new standard for quality and collaboration in content creation.

Your team knows how to use Slack, so they already know how to use the SlackBot – the add-on is designed to function seamlessly within the Slack implementation, with no advanced training required. Simply set-up the tool, and you and your team can start reaping the benefits of real-time text analysis and feedback immediately.

Whether you’re a team of copywriters who need to align on the perfect brand voice, journalists working on impactful stories, or any professional seeking to enhance your communication, the QuillNow Slack Bot offers an unmatched tool to achieve your goals.

Get Started with the QuillNow Slack Bot

Ready to transform the way your team writes and communicates? Integrating the QuillNow Slack Bot into your workspace is straightforward, offering an immediate boost to your content creation efforts.

QuillNow is committed to empowering teams to produce content that is clear and engaging as well as resonates with values of inclusivity and empathy. We’re helping teams achieve excellence in every word they write by harnessing the power of AI within the platforms you already use (stay tuned for our upcoming integration with Microsoft Teams, expanding the reach and versatility of our instant messaging solutions).

Join us on this journey to redefine team communication and content quality. With QuillNow’s Instant Messaging Integration, your team’s potential is limitless.