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Transforming Customer Support with AI

Revolutionize Your Customer Support
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Customer service is the lifeblood of any business. The ability to connect with customers, discuss any issues, and resolve them before they escalate is absolutely essential – especially in a market where reviews of your business, product, or service are quickly and easily accessed by potential future clients.

Understanding the emotional and mental state of your customers is the key to resolving their issues, as well as building long-lasting relationships. The QuillNow App for Zendesk is an innovative solution powered by QuillNow AI, designed to fundamentally improve how customer support agents interact with customers.

QuillNow App for Zendesk

What is the QuillNow App for Zendesk?

When combined with your Zendesk implementation, the QuillNow natural language analysis app will assess all incoming customer queries and provide immediate feedback to human agents on how best to approach a response. With the QuillNow App for Zendesk, your customer support team can even type out a response and assess it for various criteria before sending it.


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Transforming Customer Interactions

The QuillNow App for Zendesk is a leap forward in terms of providing meaningful and impactful customer interactions. When your agents are able to easily and confidently understand areas like tonality, stress levels and emotional background, they can create responses which actually engage with the client on a personal level – improving your customer satisfaction levels and aiding toward a faster resolution of the issue.

In turn, that creates trust and builds a better bond between your company/brand and the customer. Those customers are more likely to be retained, and they will also be more inclined to recommend you and your services or products to friends, colleagues, and family members.

Why Choose QuillNow App for Zendesk?

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The QuillNow App for Zendesk is set to redefine customer support best practices and standards. While we put the finishing touches on the application, you can join our waitlist – ensuring that you are kept in the loop with our progress, and that you can be among the first companies in the world to take advantage of a better way of handling customer queries.

About QuillNow

Based in London, UK, QuillNow is a leader in SaaS software services, specializing in AI assistant software for writers, publishers, and customer support agents. Our mission is to help produce and consume objective, bias-free, and emotionally engaging content. With the introduction of the QuillNow App for Zendesk, we are expanding our offerings to empower customer support teams to understand and connect with customers on a deeper level.