QuillNow – Unified Creator's Platform

Your AI Assistant for Publishing

Hundreds of writers are vying for your attention. Thousands of manuscripts to read through. Forty hours a week at your desk. Those numbers just don’t add up – something has to change in the world of the publisher. Our AI-powered platform acts as your personal publishing assistant, powering through all of the texts that are submitted to you and then shortlisting the ones best suited to your requirements.

Make Your Life Easier with Intelligently Curated Shortlists

Every publisher knows the feeling of frustration that comes with reading text after text that is simply not a good fit. The truth is that you have a rigid sense of what you are looking for, and the submissions you receive can deviate from that vision.

That makes for a long day at the office. You have to trawl through so much writing that is not a good fit just to find the occasional piece that is a match. Then, you have to go over those pieces again to find the hidden gem that can be published under your name (and become the next bestseller).

With QuillNow, you can skip the first step entirely. Simply upload your preferences in the form of previously published works, and the platform will automatically assess all submissions on your behalf – providing you with a shortlist that is composed of the pieces best suited to your publishing goals.


More Time to Focus Means Everyone Wins

Of course, it’s not just the publishing company that will benefit from QuillNow. Authors who submit work to you that is appropriate and aligned with the type of writing you publish will benefit enormously – you will have more time to fully review the text, with a better frame of mind when you do.

How Does QuillNow Work?

QuillNow is a natural language analysis platform. Think of that as tech-speak for a computer that can read and understand texts – and then provide you with considered and accurate feedback.

Picture this – you hire an assistant to help you read through your endless stack of submissions. On day one, you will tell that assistant what you are looking for in terms of future publications, and then you will set them to work. 

QuillNow works the exact same way – only the reading takes place in seconds rather than hours, and you do not have to pay a wage. All you have to do is ‘tell’ QuillNow what you want and expect, and the system does the rest.

Here’s how it works for you:

Improving Everyday

As time goes on, your needs might change. Maybe your publishing house is changing direction, or maybe the market is trending slightly differently from when you started out – whatever the reason, you will be able to keep your QuillNow assistant with you and up to speed at all times.

As an AI-powered tool, QuillNow continuously learns from its interactions with you – meaning that it constantly tweaks and hones the output to better serve your needs. This dynamic process allows you to adapt the tool to your new requirements at any given moment, at which point you can re-assess all your submissions (without having to re-read them yourself).

What Next?

QuillNow for publishers is currently in development. Sign up for our email list to find out more and be the first to learn about new features as we develop them. Feel free to reach out to the QuillNow team to discuss how we can help you find your next best-seller.