QuillNow – Content Assessment Platform

Apply to Colleges and Universities with the Power of AI

The college and university application process is as stressful as it gets. With thousands of students applying for a limited number of places – you need to make sure you have every possible advantage. Test scores are important, sure: but in the modern environment, these can take second place to the quality of your application.

So, how do you make sure your college application essay is on point when the stakes are this high?

You use QuillNow.

Our AI-powered platform acts as part guide, part mentor – analyzing your application essay and providing specific, actionable feedback to ensure you have the best possible chance of getting accepted.

QuillNow will even give you a score for your essay – a numerical representation of the kind of college or university that would be likely to accept you on the basis of your application: the higher the score, the higher ranked institution your essay is suitable for.

How DoesQuillNow Work?

QuillNow is a natural language analysis platform. The platform has been ‘taught’ what makes an excellent university or college application and applies that knowledge to your essay – giving you immediate advice and guidance on how to improve your text to make it resonate with the intake committee at any given institution.

QuillNow knows the acceptance rates of various essays – that’s how it knows what works. Using that information, the system estimates the likelihood of acceptance with your current draft: with this score and the accompanying advice, you can tweak your essay and improve your odds.

Simply follow these steps to use QuillNow:

Your score is based on historical statistics and previous acceptances, making it as accurate a prediction as possible.